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Final race auction

The first part of the auction of the finalists will begin on Monday 14.08.17.
All of the pigeons will be sold in five auctions. In the first part pigeons will be offered up to 50th place and the Ace birds five-class pigeons of five races.
The sale will take place at the following address: http://www.pigeon-auctionbg.com/index.php
A direct link to the site can also be found on our page at the banners on the right.
All those who do not yet have registration and wish to participate in the auction can register in the registration form on the auction page and then confirm their registration personally at e-mail: info@derbysunnybeach.eu
Users do not confirm their registration, they will not be admitted To participation in the auction.
If you have difficulty creating an account, please use the email at: info@derbysunnybeach.eu
The Administrator will register your account and send you participation data.
All of the fanciers who have pigeons in the final rankings and have not yet sent a pedigree can do this on e-mail.
For more information or registration help please contact: info@derbysunnybeach.eu