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Рулес - 2024

One Loft Race - "SUNNY BEACH"
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Reception of the pigeons:
The reception of the pigeons starts on 01.03.24 and continues until 15.05.24 or until the capacity of the pigeon loft is filled.
It is recommended that the pigeons are not younger than 35 days.
It is mandatory that the pigeons are vaccinated with Paramyxovirus vaccine at least 14 days before they are sent.
Pigeons must be ringed for 2024 and all rings must be from FCI registered pigeon fanciers organization.
Capacity of the loft 1850 pigeons.
The participation fee is 70 euros for one pigeon.
When paying for five (5) pigeons from one pigeon breeder, the sixth pigeon is free (5+1)
The participation fee is paid immediately upon acceptance of the pigeons.
Prize fund - 40,000 euros - guaranteed by the organizer

In the event of extremely poor competition, a ban on competition or any other reason preventing the winning of all announced prizes, the prize pool is added to the following year's prize pool.
Prize money will be awarded for the final competition only:
1st place - 7000 euros
2nd place - 5000 euros
3rd place - 3000 euros
4th place - 1800 euros
5th place - 1500 euros
6th place - 1000 euros
7th place - 900 euros
8th place - 800 euros
9th place - 700 euros
10th place - 600 euros
from 11th place to 20th place - 300 euros
from 21st place to 30th place - 200 euros
from 31 place to 50 place - 100 euros
from 51 place to 80 place - 70 euros
Prize money for the semi-final (4th race):
1st place - 200 eu
2nd place - 100 eu
3rd place - 100 eu
4th place - 100 eu
5th place - 100 eu

Ace Championship:
The Ace Championship is calculated, according to the pigeon's flight time, from the five races.
Pigeon with the shortest flight time is ranked first.
The first five pigeons are nominated.

Ace pigeon - awarding:
1st place - 1000 eu
2nd place - 900 eu
3rd place - 800 eu
4th place - 700 eu
5th place - 600 eu

Team ranking - "Sunny Beach Master"
The team ranking is calculated according to the average speed of the first two pigeons of the team for the five races. Each competitor can participate with an unlimited number of teams of 6 or more pigeons registered under one name.
In case there are fewer than 6 pigeons, they also participate in a team classification.
A competitor with one pigeon cannot take part in the championship.
The first five teams are nominated.

Team ranking - awarding:
1st place - €1000
2nd place - €900
3rd place - €800
4th place - €700
5th place - €500

After the final, an online auction will be held and the pigeons will be distributed
into groups according to their return to the ranking at the final.
Proceeds from the sale will be divided equally
between the owner of the pigeon and the organizer (50% / 50%).

All pigeons that are not sold in the first auction, remain the property of the organizer and the owner cannot have any claims in a subsequent sale.

All amounts from the sale of the pigeons will be paid only after
the last part of the online auction has finished.
All fees when transferring money by bank transfer or by courier service are for the account of the recipient.
Servicing the pigeons:
Pigeons will be vaccinated against paramyxovirus and herpes virus immediately after entering the loft.
After completing the reception and carrying out full prophylaxis, another vaccine will be administered, against Pigeonpox.
Training will be held accordingly
favorable weather conditions at the following distances:
training 1. 05 km.
training 2. 10 km.
training 3. 20 km.
training 4. 30 km.
training 5. 40 km.
training 6. 40 km.
training 7. 60 km.
training 8. 68 km.

Race 1 - 103 km.
Race 2 - 135 km.
Race 3 - 188 km.
Race 4 - Semi Final: 282 km.
12.08.2024 - FCI Final - 425 km.

Super Derby:
09/02/2024 - 505 km.
Miroslovesti (southwest of Pascani)

Super derby - conditions:
All pigeons that place above 100th in the final race of 425 km will take part in this race.

The pigeons ranked between 30th and 100th place (except the first five ace pigeons) may also participate, but only after a request from the owner and mandatory activation.
The request for the participation of these pigeons must be made no later than five days after the final competition.

The activation fee for Super Derby pigeons is 35 Euros per pigeon.
The activation of the pigeons ends at the latest, up to three days before the date of sending the pigeons to the final point.
All proceeds will be distributed as a prize pool.
Pigeons that are not activated will also take part in the competition, but without the right to prize money.
The Super Derby will be held with a minimum number of participants - 150 pigeons, returned no later than two weeks after the final race, regardless of the number of activated pigeons.

Super Derby - prize fund:
1st place - 30%
2nd place - 20%
3rd place - 10%
4th place - 8%
5th place - 8%
6th place - 8%
7th place - 8%
8th place - 8%

Auction after Super Derby, conditions:
The owners of all activated pigeons will receive 50% of the price for which the pigeon was sold after the race.
The owners of the non-activated pigeons receive 30% of the amount.
The dates of the competitions may be changed by the organizer
in order to hold competitions under favorable conditions for young pigeons.
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