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The first race - disaster

The first race unfortunately turned out to be a disaster.
Unforeseen weather conditions complete with military exercises of NATO proved quite problematic for our pigeons.
Using very powerful military radars in the region of the release of the birds.
After the start the birds take a wrong turn east.
After about 20 min. they return over the place from which is exempt and start circling erratically in the area.
During 30 min. from the flock separate small groups of pigeons and many of them take in the right direction in the south.
other pigeons away to the west.
A small part of pigeons remain in place at the start and later in the day enter into the closest lofts.
Many pigeons fly a distance 300-400 km. to the west.
There are many of them are rushing into lofts in the western part of the country.
There are pigeons killed by cars or raptors.
In the gallery will be published pictures of some of them.

We are very sorry for the lost pigeons and we hope many of them to go home and recover for the next race.

Currently loft in Sunny Beach is located less than 300 pigeons that are in great race condition and train for the next race which will take place Saturday, 06/08/16 - 135 km.