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FINAL RACE 30.07.17

The final race will take place on 30.07.17 on Sunday.
The pigeons will be released at 6:00 o'clock from the previously announced place of the start of Dumbrava - Romania. Basketing of the pigeons for the race will start at 7:30 on Saturday. Anyone who wants to participate can participate. Approximately 560 pigeons will be activated from starting 750 on the first training race. The forecast is for a strong side wind from the east, the first 200 km. from the flight and then a strong head-wind from the southeast. Air temperature 22-29 degrees during the race.
Although the necessary number of pigeons to raise the prize pool was not collected, Derby Center Sunny Beach guarantees the distribution of the announced prizes of 10,000 Euros. The organizer thanks everyone who supported the loft after the difficult season in 2016. The cash prizes will be dealt on the spot immediately after winning. The prizes, cups and plaques will be dealt ten days after the race ends in order to inscribe the names of the participants.
Derby Center "Sunny Beach", invites all lovers of one loft races, to attend the final. Food and beverages are provided by an authorized catering company.