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Rules - 2018

Derby center "SUNNY BEACH" - Bulgaria
Race Rules - 2018

Entry of the birds:
Entry is open to all countries but all of the pigeons must wear an approved official FCI foot ring from

the issuing Federation / Association FCI member for 2018
The pigeons must be delivered with a proof of ownership.
A pedigree is recommended before a final race.

Entry fee is € 40 per pigeon.
Additional €10 fee applies for transportation of the pigeons to Bulgaria.
For every five paid birds the sixth pigeon is free of charge (5+1)
The participation fee must be paid no later than 01.05.2018
One Team - 6 birds - 250 eu (inkl. transport)

Not activated pigeons will participate in competitions without the right to win the prize money !!!

Delivery of the birds:
The pigeons must be delivered between 24 February 2018 and 01 May 2018
Transportation of the pigeons to Derby center "Sunny Beach" will be organized together with the
pigeons for One loft Race Sofia.

Collecting in Holland:
03 - 04.03.2018 - Houten (NL)
(04.03.18 bis 12:00 Uhr)

05 und 31 Marz - Germany
10 und 22 April - Germany
bei K. H. Lang

Anyone who wants to participate from Belgium, the Netherlands, England, etc. can apply transport for the birds on the  e - mail.

Pigeons must be vaccinated again Paramixovirus at least 10 days prior to arriving at collection place.
All birds entering the loft will be given an electronic chip ring (Benzing ETS). The organisation’s
telephone number will be stated on the chip ring.
We recommend delivering the pigeons at a minimum age of 5 weeks.
It is recommended that young birds are taught to eat and drink.

Training and race dates:

April and May – Daily loft flight, morning and evening.
June - Training on distance from 5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 km.

Race 1 - 28.06.2018 - 102 km.
Training - 50 км.
Race 2 - 05.07.2018 - 135 km
Training - 50 км.
Race 3 - 12.07.2018 - 240 km.
Training - 50 км.
Race 4 - 20.07.2018 - Semi final race: 300 km.

Race 5:
29.07.2018 - 465 km. Romania

The direction of the finish is northwest - southeast
The pigeons will fly about 300 kilometers. over rough terrain in Romania and then fly about 160
kilometers. in plane and the final will cross the Balkan Mountains at a height of 400-700 meters.
The air temperature at that time of year is high (approximately 25-30 degrees) and the wind in most cases is a side or head wind. This is an excellent test for your selection in a difficult race.

The date for the final race of Derby "Sunny Beach" 2018 is July 29th 2018
The organizers have the right, under certain circumstances, to change the day of release (but not the distance, the final race will be from 465 km.)
A list of basketing of the pigeons participating in the final race, will be available from the website of the organization before the pigeons are released.

Ace championship:
The first 25% of all pigeons from every race take part in the Ace Championship.
Ace pigeon is considered a bird with a minimum of 3 positions max. 5 positions in the top 25% of the five races.
Classification of the final competition is mandatory !!!
Pigeons’ FCI coefficient for one loft races will be taken into account for birds with equal ratings

the prize fund will be intended only for the final competition as follows:
1. place - 4 000 eu
2. place - 2 000 eu
3. place - 1 500 eu
4. place - 1 000 eu
5. place - 800 eu
6. place - 500 eu
7. place - 300 eu
8. place - 300 eu
9. place - 300 eu
10. place - 300 eu
11. - 15. place - 150 eu
16. - 25. place - 80 eu
26. - 30. place - 50 eu

the prize fund will be intended only for the semi final competition as follows:
1. place - 250 €
2. place - 150 €
3. place - 100 €

the prize fund for the Ace Derby "Sunny Beach" championship:
1. Place - 1 000 €
2. Place -    800 €
3. Place -    500 €

The prize fund is guaranteed by 1 000 collected birds.

Auction of the pigeons after the derby race:
All of the birds will auctioned of an Internet Auction.
50% of the sale goes to the organisation, 50% goes to the official entrant.

Important:  In case a month after closing the internet sale, a sold pigeon has still not been paid for by the buyer, the sale of this pigeon will be cancelled and the respective pigeon will be offered for sale on the website just once again. In that case the owner of the bird will not receive 50% of the frst sale price, but 50% of the second sale price, provided that the pigeon for sale is paid for duly by the new buyer. Should payment problems arise again, the organization will make an arrangement with the owner.
All who wish can get their cash at the exhibition in Kassel !!!

OLR location:
The loft is located in one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. The loft is located in the world
famous Black Sea resort Sunny Beach. The distance from the loft to the sea is about 350 meters.
Sunny Beach offers endless opportunities for recreation on the beach.
The airport Burgas is just 15 min. car drive from the loft and the tourist resort.
2 km from Sunny Beach is world famous historical town of Nessebar, famous for its 3,000 years of
more information:
E-mail: info@derbysunnybeach.eu
web page: http://derbysunnybeach.eu