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The final competition will be held on 01:09:16 - Thursday.
Change of date is necessary due to bad weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday in the northeastern part of the country.
After four extremely tough competitions we hope for good weather for the final race.
The forecast is for a moderate crosswind (7 m / sec.) of Northeast and air temperature no higher than 27 degrees in the late afternoon.

Pigeons which went through four stages of competitions showed the possibilities that few pigeons may occur.
All races were very difficult, with conditions under which many of the old pigeons would not have done.
Strong side or headwind, tempretura over 32 degrees, the humidity is above 95% are obstacles that little pigeon would have done.
Pigeons will go home after the finish would represent great interest as breeding pigeons regardless of their origin and nationality.

Winner cups for the winners of the derby will be sent later to the owners of pigeons purpose of recording data for the winners of the plates. Cups will be awarded for the first three pigeons in the final and the first three ace pigeon.
All winners of the competition before the final race, a third place will be awarded one free bird for season - 2017

Here are the awards that will be handed out for after the finish:
1st place - € 2500
2nd place - € 1500
3rd place - € 1200
4th place - € 600
5th place - € 500
6th place - € 300
7th place - € 200
8 place - € 200
9 place - € 200
10th place - € 200
from 11th place to 15th place - 60 euros

Ace pigeons:
1st place - € 1000
2nd place - € 800
3rd place - € 500