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Semi final - the winners

Semi-final was held once again in very difficult weather conditions.
High air temperature - over 34 degrees, headwind in the last 60 kilometers. made competition impossible for much of the pigeons.
Despite the difficult conditions, the rankings ended the day and again had pigeons who have shown exceptional character and high performance.

There are three pigeons with four ranking:
BG 40 920 Plamen Kostadinov from Ruse is now the undisputed favorite with 10, 11, 22 and 89 place
BG 35 304 of Dean Vulkanov Kotel ranks second with charts 20, 25, 32 and 38 place
BG 39 788 Hristo Hristov from Nessebar is third with 23, 25, 69 and 87 place.
The pigeon is breed from two finalists from season 2015 on the same loft.
The father is fourth in the final race. Both pigeons are aces.

The winner of today's race is Stoyan Zlatev of Ahtopol
BG 35 246 was the daughter of Four aces female for 2015 of Derby Center Sunny Beach, won five rankings from five races. The owner is D. Kourtev of Sliven.

Other pigeons have done excellent performance without being influenced by bad weather are:
MD 0129 Dmitry Gorbatovski from Moldova.
Unique male pigeon with perfect physique qualifier last two races on the first and second place.
BG 27420 of Nadia + Tencho & Tosko + Violeta Haskovo won the first and sixth in the last three races.
BG 66 317 Mark Newport Varna with third and fifth place.
BG 14 533 owner Kulaliev of Sandanski in seventh and ninth place
BG 64 326 Peter Petrov St. Zagora 11, 39 and 46 place

BG 39 794 second pigeon Hristo from Nessebar missed two seconds chance for a fourth ranking.
The female is full sister of BG 39 788 already four aces charts.

Let's hope that tomorrow will collect more pigeons who have a chance to perform well in the final.

Depending on how many pigeons will come home tomorrow and the day after will set a date for the final.
In all probability will take place on Wednesday or Thursday next week to fully restore the pigeons.